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RSRT001 - Boogie Monster presents ‘The Secret Sign’

THE SECRET SIGN - A collection of 22 rare and classic connoisseur cuts mixed to perfection courtesy of Sydney’s deepest crates. File under Modern Soul, Jazz Funk, Disco Boogie. Coming soon!

RSR008 - Rahni Harris & Family Love - A Different Drummer (12” LP)

1977, East Hartford, Connecticut. Rahni Harris — a 21 year old reverend and multi-instrumentalist — and his band, ‘Family Love’, were not afraid to embrace their love of R&B and Gospel. They laid down ‘A Different Drummer’ LP - One of the most forward thinking LPs recorded during this period and arguably of all time. ‘Syncopated Love’, He’s My Friend’ and ‘Make It Easy’ have been supported by DJs and collectors in the know for many years. Now, Rain&Shine give Rahni’s’ seminal record another lease of life for discerned collectors, DJs and music lovers worldwide! Remastered with full original artwork. 

RSR007 - A.M. Muhammad - What Freedom Means (45)

Recorded in 1980, four years after the seminal ‘Open Your Heart’, Ishola Muhammad recorded what he describes as “The funkiest, most exciting session I had done, and the drummer, a white guy whose name I don’t recall either, was “the best””. The idea that, "responsibility is what freedom means", came from a speech given by, the late, Imam W.D. Mohammed, leader of the, then, American Muslim Mission. “Subsequently, I chose to use the pseudonym, A.M. Muhammad, which was a play on the American Muslim Mission acronym, AMM. Since the speech was heralded and echoed throughout the community and around the country, I hoped the song would catch on, but it didn't. 40 years later, and “What Freedom Means” is now hot in demand with spins by top DJs across the globe.

RSR006 - Sunstreet - Lovin (12”)

“Band looks for brighter days as Sunstreet” – was the headline from a 1980 Delaware newspaper archive that finally helped Rain&Shine connect the dots and between Minnesota band ‘Haze’ and Sunstreet. Lovin was recorded while the band (a subset of original Haze members, including the tight horns section and lead singer Sonny Knight, RIP) were signed to Bear Records in Delaware. Their contract required them to shelve their already recorded (and incredible) 2nd album Haze album. 40 years later, officially licensed, re-mastered and cut @ 45RPM (original record was 33 despite the label saying 45) Rain&Shine give Sunstreet’s Lovin another lease of life.

RSR005 - Steve Elliott - Completion Of A Miracle (12” LP)

Rain&Shine continue the love for Steve Elliott’s self-produced music by giving his second LP ‘Completion Of A Miracle’ (1982) another lease of life. Remastered from the original reel-to-reel tapes. Includes dancefloor cut ‘Wake Up’. Another essential release from Rain&Shine, set to become a future collector’s item.

RSR004 - Steve Elliott - True Image (12” LP)

Rain&Shine proudly present Steve Elliott’s first album - True Image (1981). After failing to find musicians with the same direction and devotion to music he had acquired, Steve taught himself to play eleven different instruments and move from hometown of Pasadena, California to Denver Colorado. Eager to express his musical ability, Steve became a DJ on KDKO radio, and would then go on to compose, arrange and perform True Image on September 20th 1981 with a collection of drum machines, synthesizers, and contributing musicians on rhodes, flute, guitar and vocals. Mr. Elliott’s philosophy is “You hold in your hand a dream, a dream come true by a man whose only objective was to express the love he contains, the love we all contain within through music.” 

RSR003 - ENERGIZE - Piece Of Class / Star Of The Disco (45)

Modern soul/disco record from Marin County band ‘ENERGIZE’ 1979. Review courtesy of Juno: Astonishingly, original copies of Energize's 1979 private press single "Piece of Class" have changed hands for over 500 quid online. Helpfully, Rain & Shine have decided to save us all a few bob by slinging out this licensed reissue. The title track is something of a bustling disco-funk gem - a genuinely wonderful fusion of hazy vocals, dueling horn solos, spacey synthesizer flourishes and driving bass guitar. B-side "Star of the Disco" is an even more up-tempo affair, with mazy saxophone solos, rasping horn stabs and starry jazz-funk keys riding a walking bassline and high-octane disco drums.

RSR002 - The Nelson Family - Filled With His Spirit (12" LP)

A joyful body of work from The Nelson Family of Washington DC. 1986. Gospel record with super production, featuring top tracks 'Thank You Lord', a favorite of DJs in the know including Floating Points & Skymark, plus 'Everlasting Love' and title track 'Filled With His Spirit'. 

RSR001 - Chain Reaction - Search For Tomorrow / Say Yeah (45)

Seminal modern soul record by Chain Reaction out of Waterbury, Connecticut 1979. Official re-issue initially released on RSD (Record Store Day) April 2018. DJ support from Gilles Peterson, Skymark, Waxist, Ge-Ology and more! Photo credits: Turntablelab.com. Thanks to Tom Noble NYC for his help with the release.

Rain&Shine Limited

RSRLTD004 - Spirit - Spirit (12”)

Spirit’s 12 minute self-titled track from the 1979 album ‘Put Your Hands Together’ gets an official re-issue on Rain&Shine. Backed with a perfectly edited edit for DJ and dancefloor use, contributed by legends Zaf & Phil Asher. A tough (and expensive) pull destined to never see a re-issue despite years of persuasion by Rain&Shine has finally come together with the blessing of producer Tim Johnson. Spirit was a group from Washington DC that formed after a chance encounter with Ohio Gospel musician Tim Johnson in a carpark on a Saturday morning. Tim had played alongside and opened for great acts including Shirley Caesar, The Ohio Players, The Hawkins Family and The O’Jays to name a few. Tim quickly become the band leader and started writing original songs for the group to perform. Prior to recording ‘Put Your Hands Together’ the band stopped all engagements for 3 months and rehearsed relentlessly. This enabled them to travel back to Peppermint Studios in Ohio and lay down the entire album in a single day! Spirit’s sound was ahead of it’s time, incorporating funk and other secular music to progress the Gospel sound. Tim say’s it a great feeling to see his music being enjoyed on the dancefloor around the globe almost 40 years after it’s original release. His message for the world today is written in another song from ‘Put Your

Hands Together’ (Help Your Fellow Man). “We must learn to help our fellow man and spread a little Joy and Peace all through the land”. Music with a message more relevant now than ever.

RSRLTD003 - Shirley Finney - Pray Again / Give Your Best To The Master (45)

When we tracked down Shirley Finney she was so ecstatic about the interest in her music from 40 years ago that she screamed! Shirley moved to Atlanta, GA from her hometown of Akron, Ohio, where Savoy asked her to record a 'contemporary Gospel LP'. Her brother (Henry) was part of the band, and had previously played with Howie Hewitt (Shalamar) and James Ingram. He started to lay down some rifts inspired by Parliament. Shirley at the time didn't know who Parliament were as she rarely listened to secular music. However, she was feeling it....."My music is not your Grandma's gospel" said Shirley, and she was right! RSRLTD003 (limited) has been re-mastered from Savoy's original reel-to-reel tapes, available now at all good record stores.

RSRLTD002 - Shirley Finney - Pray Again (12” LP)

Featuring Shirley's version of 'Lovely Day' , getting support from @gillespeterson and recommended by @guardian as one of the top RSD 2019 picks, Pray Again LP is available this RSD. Limited run, vinyl only, re-mastered from the original savoy tapes.

RSRLTD001 - Skye - Ain’t No Need / Ain’t No Need (Dance) (45)

Limited to 1000 copies, no repress, hand-numbered sleeve.